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The media play an important role in disseminating information about your company, whether you want to 

  • proactively promote positive messages or 
  • control and limit what happens following a negative situation or event 

The explosion of news websites, forums and social media provides unprecedented access to breaking stories and incidents, products and services. Just think who has access to all this information….

  • Existing clients
  • Stakeholders
  • Potential customers
  • Members of the public 

Whether your message is positive or negative, It is imperative that the right information is put into the public domain in a timely fashion and that your company remains in control.  

“Failing to plan = planning to fail” 

ABRRAS offers two types of Media Training.

  1. Media Awareness

    Aimed at people who have had little or no experience in dealing with the media, and covers the basic essentials. This could also be a refresher-type session for anyone who feels they need to brush up on general understanding.

    Our Media Awareness course gives delegates a real understanding of:

    • how the media operate
    • what journalists want
    • how to respond to and refer requests for interviews
    • how to set up a secure framework for dealing with all sectors of the media
  2. Media Training

    This is more about ensuring employees and/or spokespeople have the right skills to interact with the media, whether for a planned press conference or in a crisis/emergency situation, and involves actual filming and playback during practice interviews.

    Step by step, we take delegates through the key media management areas, via a comprehensive training programme.

All media training is tailored to our clients, with a pre-training meeting between the instructor and with the client’s relevant communications person. This ensures the training delivery and outcomes are as relevant and as valuable as possible.