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Emergency Response

ABRRAS understands the threats and risks faced by organisations in a world that is constantly changing. Whatever format a company’s Emergency Response Plan takes, relevant personnel need to be appropriately trained in order to implement the company plan in the event of an emergency. 

Our emergency response trainers have a wealth of real tactical response experience and are ideally skilled to train personnel in Emergency Response courses.  

Training may include one or more of our existing courses, tailored to your company or business.


This training and the Emergency Response processes can then be further reinforced through practical exercises. ABRRAS can provide Table Top and Live Exercises (Simulated Real Time and/or Full Scale).

Some companies find the most useful approach is to use a combination of exercises, where the table top part establishes/reviews/introduces company procedures, followed by a Live Exercise to evaluate how these procedures perform in a practical situation. This allows companies to make a true assessment of the Emergency Response process, and identifies positives and weaknesses along the way.

ABRRAS also offer Emergency Response Consultancy and can assist with preparing, reviewing and testing of Emergency Response Plans.