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Our media consultants have a raft of experience across a wide range of platforms, including broadcast reporting, television presenting and journalistic experience.

The media can play a vital role for your business, when trying to source information for their own purposes – i.e. where reporting information may be in the interest of the general public. For example, in a crisis or emergency situation that involves your business, your management or your staff.

If your company finds itself in need of temporary media support, our consultants can step in to assist on a project basis. They can let you know what to expect during a crisis or emergency situation, and act as an experienced media liaison until the situation has passed.

For many people, especially receptionists and general office staff, facing persistent contact from media representatives can be quite daunting and even upsetting at times. Due to their extensive experience, our media consultants can also lend support to your personnel, in what can be a very difficult time, guiding them through their roles and responsibilities during a negative situation.