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Design of Training Props

For some companies, the scale of their work force and operations, necessitates in house training facilities. ABRRAS can assist in helping organisations with their preparedness for Emergency Response, by working on a consultative basis to ascertain exactly what training props are required. Ultimately, there is a fine balance between what may be desired, with what is feasible and practical, with the overarching requirement for safety at all times.

“Who better to design training props, than the professional trainers”

Our experienced and highly skilled trainers are perfectly equipped to work with our clients from start to finish, to ensure training props:

• meet company training objectives

• provide the right and realistic environment for training exercises

• are safe to train and work in

• make the best use of available space

We listen to and discuss your requirements, then recommend the best training props for your individual circumstances. Every client is guaranteed to get tailor made training props that are fit for purpose.