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Safety – Inspections, Surveys & Audits

In a world of flux and constant change, it is no longer appropriate to prepare processes and procedures and then leave them to gather dust on a shelf. With legislation put in place to safe guard the health, safety and wellbeing of employees, companies should periodically review their processes and procedures to ensure they are still fit-for-purpose and meet the company objectives they were put in place to meet.

“Reviewing processes & systems, helps companies to continuously improve & develop”.

There are three processes ABRRAS can conduct to ensure safety is and remains a priority within the company and the work force.

  1. Visual Inspection – usually involves a walk-through of the work place, to identify and highlight any areas of safety concern.
  2. Survey – questioning the work force on safety-related issues can be used successfully to check safety information is adopted right throughout all levels of the company. It also identifies any gaps in knowledge which can then be highlighted as training needs.
  3. Safety Audit – this process involves a suitably qualified safety person spot-checking procedures and documentation, where the company doesn’t know ahead of time what is going to be checked. This allows company management to have confidence all safety procedures are being followed correctly.

With the level of expertise within ABRRAS, we are ideally positioned to provide inspections, surveys & audits across Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality areas of a business. All our personnel have worked in operational roles within these business areas and have years of experience, and the necessary qualifications, to provide robust outcomes.

We pride ourselves on providing the best possible safety inspection, surveying and auditing services to our clients – whether they are a small business just starting out, or a large corporation operating globally. With our humanitarian ethos at the heart of all our services, we are here to support organisations with the best practice approaches to all relevant processes and procedures.