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In a world of startling change, businesses face many potential threats. From kidnap & ransom, bribery & extortion, through to a cyber-attack on company IT systems, ABRRAS can assist. 

With careful planning, many of these threats can be minimised and in the unfortunate event of an occurrence, the impact on your business can be significantly reduced.

“Failing to plan = planning to fail”

By engaging security management services from ABRRAS, you can ensure your business is well prepared for any security risk. 

We will identify and assess your company’s vulnerabilities and offer solutions that will provide robust and resilient security measures. Our professional team are familiar with National Security Strategies and can offer best and current practise on all security matters.

Our services include

  • Identifying potential security risks
  • Creating and/or revising formal processes to deal with security issues
  • Assisting the implementation of new processes
  • Training front line staff to cope with security eventualities
  • Interim Management during a security crisis
  • Designing International and National journey management procedures
  • Designing Country/Security Evacuation Plans