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Our consultants are highly skilled professionals, ready to provide you with assistance in a number of specialty areas. They all have comprehensive operational, tactical and strategic experience and are highly credible and respected individuals in their disciplines.

ABRRAS has undertaken consultancy work in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe – including both onshore and offshore in the United Kingdom. Our consultants can be relied upon to work to cultural sensitivities in the area of work or undertake projects in hostile and remote environments.

When it counts – count on the experts”

ABRRAS has a wide range of consultancy services that stretch across Crisis Management, Emergency Response, Health & Safety, the Environment, Security and Media.

Our Crisis Management consultants are highly regarded with extensive experience of incident command and control, through to boardroom decision making. With a strong humanitarian ethos we can support organisations to prevent loss of life, or deal with business continuity and sustainability.

When considering Emergency Response, our consultants have a wealth of real strategic and tactical response experience and can lead organisations from the preparedness stage right through to the response and disaster recovery stages.

Our Health and Safety consultants are highly qualified and have operational experience, combining to give them the skills necessary to develop safety management systems and bespoke learning and development programmes for all levels within an organisation.

We also have consultants who specialise in Security, Media and the Environment.